Comprehensive Support Across Assessments:

We offer targeted coaching programs for NAPLAN, OC Trials, Selective Schools Tests, and the WRMT, ensuring your child is well-prepared for every challenge.

Personalised Learning for Mastery

Our experienced tutors create customized plans to solidify core concepts in Maths and English, catering to your child's individual learning style and needs.

Building Confidence and Curiosity:

We go beyond rote learning, fostering a love for knowledge and nurturing a supportive environment where your child can thrive and reach their full potential.


CS Education Pennant Hills

Unlock Your Child's Potential with CS Education Pennant Hills!

Empowering students (Y2-Y10) to excel in:

  • Assessments: NAPLAN, OC Trials, Selective Schools
  • Essential Skills: WRMT/WEMG (Writing, English, Maths, GA, Thinking Skills)
  • Core Subjects: Maths & English Coaching

Personalized learning. Proven strategies. Supportive environment.

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Our Courses

At CS Education Pennant Hills, we offer a comprehensive range of courses designed to empower students from Year 2 to Year 10 to excel in various assessments and master core subjects.

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Yearly Enrolled Students


Education Awards

Assessment Powerhouse

Conquer NAPLAN, OC Trials, Selective Schools Tests, and WRMT with our targeted coaching programs.

Subject Mastery

Master Maths and English with personalized instruction from qualified tutors, building strong foundational skills.

Confidence Boosters

Develop strong test-taking strategies and overcome challenges, fostering confidence and a love of learning.

Secondary Science Support

Navigate the Essential Secondary Science Assessment with our dedicated program, ensuring a solid scientific foundation.

Individualized Learning

We tailor our programs to each student's needs and learning style, maximizing their potential.

Supportive Environment

Feel comfortable asking questions, overcoming hurdles, and thriving in a nurturing space that celebrates success.

CS Education Pennant Hills

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